What men use dating sites


One can find different men and women on a sex dating site. They have different reasons and aims to register on such sites and it creates some special atmosphere during communication with them. Also such sites have particular reputations and people there also can be very special. 

But there are common tendencies and you can divide men in groups. Women have some other reasons to visit such sites so the situation with them is different. 

So which categories of men try to meet women in Internet?

1. Married ones

They just look for adventures and entertainment and are not gonna to leave their wives and create a new family, but they can promise this. 

2. Perverts

These men can’t reveal their nature in real life, so they dive into the web where try to embody their fantasies. 

3. Maniacs

People with psychic problems who are really dangerous on Internet and real communication. 

4. Chatters

Men who don’t know what to do. They have much free time and Internet. They just want to chat to kill their time. 

5. With no aim

These men don’t any special aims, looking for some new emotions and diversity in life. 

6. Fakes

These men just play some some roles. They upload others’ pictures and fill their profiles with fake information. 

7. Boasters

The name has it. They boast and try to convince the world that they are the best of the best. But it’s just their  know how to make relations in real life. They hide in Internet not to feel like losers. 

10. Runaways

These ones lead communication to some stage and then just disappear, because they don’t know what to do at all. Or maybe jusimagination.

8. Insecure

Men who are not confident enough to meet a woman and to build relations with her in real life.

9. Helpless

Men who don’tt don’t plan to have any relations with anybody. 

11. Virtuals

They want to communicate only in the web and don’t want to meet you or to have phone conversations. Such guys can ask you to send them your photos and that’s all. 

12. Gigolos

They want to use romantic relations for using women. Usually they want to move to a woman’s place and to live at her expense.  

13. Intimate searchers

Unmarried men who look for sex only. They need girls who just want to get intimate with them and don’t demand any relations. 

14. Simply looking for relations

These are unmarried men who search for love and relations, maybe long ones, but don’t want to create a family. 

15. Those who look for a wife

These guys are really serious and want to find a decent woman to marry her. They try to be normal through all stages of communication.