Sex after quarrels

Sex & Love

They say sex after a scandal is much better, partners are very excited and they get vivid emotions. Sex becomes a cause of peace. But why do people have quarrels before it? How does it influence on partner’s relations? 

Maybe the reason is in the fact that when you have an argument you alienate from each other and sex with different people is always attractive. 

Especially it works with men. His partner looks like a new girl and he feels desire towards her. Men who are married for many years get a chance to look at their wives with new eyes. Such sex raises a storm of emotions. Sexual desire is connected with aggression. There are people who need to get a conflict and to say many bad words so they should get excited. Approximately 10% of all men have this deviation. The most of them have low potential and quarrels are like viagra.  

One should take it as a game that helps a man to stimulate a flow hormones. Maybe it won’t pleasant for a woman to listen to some insults but if you love the man you have to accept it. And also remember that sex after a conflict will be great so one should take everything easy.  

Here is one variant: one partner is very temperamental in sex and the other one is not. A quarrel will help the emotional one to lose some energy and the second one to get excited. Sometimes these things happen subconsciously and a person doesn’t understand why he starts a scandal. But when it takes place too often people understand why they do it. 

Many men have sex after arguments to become close again and to restore the connection. Scandals give people an outlet for aggression and emotional shake that all couples need. Relations become fresh with quarrels and sex helps it. 

Try not to abuse quarrels, because it’s not the best way to get aroused.Ask your partner if he likes to have sex after arguments if he likes this method. If you have scandals before every sex contact it speaks about problems in your relations. 

If you partner uses arguments as a prelude for sex regularly, specialists recommend:

  1. If you feel ok and everything is good and you even like it, accept the rule of this game but don’t take it too serious.  
  2. Some men just want to change roles with his wife. Become dominant and he will get aroused. 
  3. If you don’t like games of such kind talk to your partner and explain it to him in a delicate way. Find new ways to arouse your partner.